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A pleasant overnight stay in Vlissingen, enjoying the inspiring surroundings, being pampered with freshly prepared meals, we are looking forward to it.

We are open to everyone for a cup of coffee, a cozy lunch and dinner. We are also open to everyone for a hotel stay.
When you visit our hotel, we rely on your good seamanship and wish you a pleasant stay.

Everything started on August 24, 1884.


We usually respond within 5 hours.

Welcome ashore at De Belgische Loodsensociëteit.

when, after years of discussions and consultation, the then Belgian pilots decided to set up an association with the aim of erecting a building on the newly constructed North Sea boulevard to promote friendly and pleasant mutual traffic.

The association was given the name of the Belgische Loodsensociëteit “Unie”. Thanks to the government, this really exceptionally well-situated place was assigned. Now, years later, the Belgian Lead Sense Society still exists. It has become a public hotel|restaurant where the pilots still drink a beer at the bar every day. The unique view of the Western Scheldt has remained. The arrival and departure of the pilot boats can be clearly seen from the restaurant and the rooms with sea view. Enjoy all the beauty that can be seen & experienced here.

Since November 2014 Dennis and Brigiet are the owners of this Hotel Restaurant. Dennis, Brigiet and the enthusiastic team offer a place where you can enjoy yourself because there is always something to see, where the staff is genuine and interested, the environment appeals to the imagination and you can eat and drink at your leisure.

Pilotage in the Scheldemonden region has a rich and eventful history. This is because the Scheldt used to be a border river, with all the associated problems.

After 1839, the Pilotage Service in this area experienced a 100-year long competition between the Belgian and Dutch Pilotage Service. A widely appreciated pilotage service is now performed in close cooperation with each other.

They jointly provide shipping traffic to and from the Flemish ports located on the Scheldt. The distribution is 72.5% for the Flemish pilots and 27.5% for the Dutch pilots.

  • Vlissingen NL
  • Arrival between 15.00 - 23.59
  • Departure until 11.00
  • We speak Deutsch, English, Français, Nederlands.
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De Belgische Loodsensociëteit
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